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Clark Publications 2012
33rd Pony Express Reride
By Lorraine Clark with photos by Carol Love

The 33rd National Pony Express Reride
is wrapping up this week. Riders recreate
the event each year from Sacramento to
St. Joseph and the opposite way every
other year. Progress on the ride each
year can be followed at

Upwards of 500 volunteers participate,
each riding a few miles and carrying the
machila, a leather pouch, just like the
ones riders carried for the original Pony
Express. The mail must make the same
schedule of 10 days traveling 24 hours
across  the 1,966 miles through eight

Each county provides riders for their
section. Riders from White Pine have the
longest stretch of trail, 144 miles and are
given 18 hours to deliver the mail to the
next rider. White Pine County has seven
mountain ranges to cross with the
highest point of the entire trail at Rock
Springs, nearly 8,000 feet. All this part of
the trail is in back country on dirt roads.
Only the section of Highway 93 that cross
at Schellbourne is modern road. A Pony
Express station was located at
Shellbourne, 35 miles north of McGill,

Each rider signs the machila pouch which
is sent to the National Museum after each
ride. Carrying on the tradition of the Pony
Express is a part of the rest Wild West.

Rider Sue Ann Cornwell of Las Vegas
signs the machila before taking her turn
on the trail.Carol Love rides her horse
Eagle across Butte Valley.Riders and
vehicles cross one of the valleys on the
144 miles of White Pine County.

Highest point on the trail is Rock Springs
at nearly 8,000 feet.Seven new riders
were sworn in and joined the riders to
carry on the tradition: Skye Campbell of
McGill, Siddie McWilliams of Co, Jordan
Starbuck of Ely, Candace Bridgers of
CO, Eva Jensen of McGill, Katie Maes of
Sunnside, NV, and Debbie Parks.